Sunday, 26 August 2007


Many people know 3191 a year of mornings , but I want to feature here, because this blog try to feature works done with passion and heart and in the section photo of heart* I tries to feature photo projects (like Flower project or Look at me,if you have missed them, check them out!) that express positive feelings and 3191 succeeds in doing this every morning.
3191 a year of mornings is the photoblog of two friends, Stephanie and Mav, who live 3191 miles apart. They love to wake up early in the morning. To feel more closer, these friends post every day a photo with simple details of their everyday life.
3191 photos express the beauty in the little things: a flower, coloured ballons in the sky,breakfast....I love them, they make me feel relaxed and ...light!!!
3191 is a relaxed moment with morning coffee: to see every day!
Have a nice sunday!


mav said...

what a kind post, thank you!
so glad that stephanie and i can bring some of our "little thing" into your world. cheers!!! mav

Anonymous said...

wonderful design/ art blog, thank you

labourofheart* said...

thank you Naik fur for the kind comment!