Wednesday, 10 October 2007

how many light-bulbs in a chandellier?*

I've always tought that light-bulbs have a simple, but very elegant shape! So it's normal that I've fallen in love with this chandellier into the Gramercy Park Hotel in N.Y. city!


Jessica said...

MAYBE IT IS the photo but there is something almot menacing about this chandlier. It looks like bats or bees or something...maybe I am getting too much into the Halloween spirit.

labourofheart* said...

Do you think? ...maybe it's really the Halloween spirit! I've posted a bigger one photo to see the chandellier better!

cruststation said...

Wow, it's like a bee-hive, how amazing! I've seen home-decor images where people use the simple lightbulb as a lighting feature, and why not?