Sunday, 23 September 2007

pieke bergmans' virus*

Hallo everybody, I was very busy, so I couldn't post! I hope to post much in the next days!! At this moment I would like to rest in the BIG MAMA VIRUS by Pieke Bergmans. It must be so confortable! The design approach of Pieke Bergmans is fresh and playful; have a look at UTOPIA INFECTED: mirrors that rensemble countries and continents, but they are distorted by the design virus and your mirrored face is distorted too, so you are infected now!

For the designers interested in displaing their products: an opportunity to be part of the DESIGNSPOTTER-Exhibition on the International Furniture Fair imm cologne 2008. From January 14th untill 20th DEsign spotter offer you the great opportunity to present your product in the heart of the imm 2008 to a wide audience of experts and visitors. See the details on DesignSpotter.

Have a nice sunday!

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olga - Italia said...

Mi piace molto il tuo blog!Abbiamo dei favoriti del " cuore "
in comune!E sei itliana?! Ti sarei grata se potessi darmi qualche consiglio, sono inesperta blogger.Auguri per il tuo blog !