Friday, 27 July 2007

stash sofa and co*

I think people who lives in big towns will need a "nest" more and more. Also in the home we maybe will need a nest to feel good and protected, like children into homes building little own homes with curtains and chairs to put inside their own toys and teddy bears. When I saw the Stash sofa I think over the concept of the "nest". The Stash sofa is an interesting projects by austrian designer Annette Hinterwirth, who after working as a set designer on numerous campaigns of international brands and magazines in New York, started her career in furniture and lighting design. The Stash sofa is a survival sofa with pockets, zippers and bags to gather, treasure and hide all the things that comfort you to feel very very well at home. Loveseat sofa is a version of the Stash sofa that Minotti produce or is going to produce: I love it! Another interesting products by this designer are Walljewels, a series of light objects inspired by glamorous jewellery designs from 1940 to 1960: they are amazing, they express a sumptous minimalism!

Have a nice week end and see you on monday!

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