Wednesday, 11 July 2007

pulver: intellectual elegance*

Pulver is the creative collective founded in 2003 by four designers:Elisabeth Schotte, Franziska Schreiber, Therese Pfeil, Franziska Piefke.
Probably, the different influences of these 4 designers make the Pulver's collections so magical and interesting. The designers' work is between art and fashion, infact they strive to work in contact with creative people from all disciplines for the development of their collections and presentations. The concept of their collections is often inspired by a fictional or a real person(Marie curie, Helen of Troy, Margarita and the master).Pulver's approach to fashion is some kind of intellectual without becoming something not wearable: their collections are clean and elegant with beautiful hand printed fabric.
If you go to Pulver's website, the concept of every collection is explained and it is worth reading: so inspiring!

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