Friday, 8 June 2007

emma mccorquodale:knitwear delicacy*

In fashion , in design and in creative field in general, it seems to see two different macrotrends: on one side some designers are concerned about the oversized and the spectacular(e.g. Marcel Wanders projects at Salone '07 or Sandra Buckland knitwear winner at Hyeres '07), on the other side some designers are concerned about the little, the light and the ethereal. I think both the trends are interesting and beautiful in different way.
Surely, Emma Mccorquodale belongs to the second category of designers, her work is delicate and precious, but at the same time it shows the strenght of ideas. When I saw her work, I immediately felt empathy with it.
The inspiration of her work is the idea of being caught in a space between reality and another world, like a split second, a glimpse of something else. The garments and 'jewellery' pieces are all knitted by Emma in a very fine antiqued silk. Every piece shows details in the form of pointel lace in a scattered random pattern of lace holes adding fragility and delicacy. Emma wants to find a new aesthetic niche, while still remaining wearable and understandable. A knitwear talent to follow!

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